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A Closer Look at Wk1 & Wk2 Drive Charts - clearly reveals Panthers Defensive DOMINANCE

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I can at least provide this info on our offense the past 2 weeks, but it doesn't really answer your questions:

Offense stats:



Panthers Rushing:



Panthers Passing:



First downs / 3rd down efficiency....:


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And here's a bit more info about all the offensive drives.  Sorry, it's just a data dump, I haven't really had a chance to analyze / draw conclusions, but I always find it helpful to look at this type of data side by side, week by week...  If anything's unclear, give me a shout.  All this is derived from gamebook data, but I sometimes have used gamebook data to calculate a few custom stats...  (e.g. field position scoring efficiency.)



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21 hours ago, KB_fan said:

Great questions.  I'll see what I can do in regard to a closer look at our offense.

May have some answers Sat or Sunday.   I've got a big work meeting I'm leading tomorrow and still have some stuff to prepare that will keep me busy tonight & tomorrow a.m.

Don't go out of your way for me! I just have noticed some things and wanted to see if you had since you are already doing tons of stats! :) But thank you! As always your posts are great!

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