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Hornets vs Rockets

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23 minutes ago, yasuhara2241 said:

Thoughts on this game: 

1. Dwight a beast down low and helps our paint tremendously. 

2. Can't wait for Cody to be back so we don't have to endure Hack-a-Dwight

3. With Batum/Cody injured and Lamb in the starting line-up, we have to depend on Frank and Monk to have good games to win with second unit. When Batum & Cody return, we just need 2 of Frank, Monk, Lamb, Cody to have strong games instead of relying on both Frank/Monk to score all the time. 

4. Our on-ball defense was horrible today and left many driving lanes and kickouts for threes. 

5. Rockets probably hit around 6 - 7 highly contested threes. Crazy

6. Bacon showed good defense against Harden for the most part. He didn't give up points but did let him drive the lane a little too much. But his defensive energy affected his offensive game. Terrible shooting for him last night. 

7. Love Kemba but I feel like he went 1 on 1 too early in the 4th. We had not offensive rhythm and then Rockets started draining more 3s

** We are going to be a good team when Batum, Cody and MCW returns. **

Dude, Houston took 59 3s.  Bound to make a few.   

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6 minutes ago, Shocker said:

Dude, Houston took 59 3s.  Bound to make a few.   

The problem was that with each 3, the Hornets started pressing more and more. Hell almost 40% from three is crazy good too. I don't have a problem with those contested makes, you just have to give it to them. I just hate giving up the wide open looks. 

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2 hours ago, Shocker said:

86 3 pt attempts in one game?  Really?  The NBA stinks man...sorry.

I will save you the trouble...  i'll stay off your lawn.

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Honestly, after watching the first two games in their entirety, i only followed the Nuggets game on the app and watched some of the 2nd and 3rd qtr of the Rockets game.  It's always hard for me to watch us against the Rockets bc Harden makes basketball so hard to watch with his incessant baiting of the refs into calls to the point that the game is slowed doqn and you pretty much spend half of it watching him shoot free throws.  It's great if he's a player on your team, it blows donkey balls if he's not.

That being said, i can tell you the issues that is plaguing our team currently, regardless of who is out, and why our team will continue to be inconsistent and frustrating to watch until they fix them -  Just like in all of other Clifford's "off" years as our coach, this team has played some atrocious defense so far.  Someone drives, 3 guys sink in, no one rotates, they cant get back out to their man, and when they do, it's juat in time to get wetted up from three.  And thw other big issue is turnovers.  Some of the crap i've seem out of these firat few games is completely inexcusable in terms of taking care of the ball.  Like, they're doing stuff G-Leaguers don't do.  Just careless, haphazard handling of the ball...  until they get those two issues, especially the defense fixed, we'll continue to see the same inconsistent team we've seen thus far.  The talent is there to be a 2nd or 3rd seed in the East...  the focus is not.

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