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Whole Wheat Pasta WTF

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#16 pstall


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Posted 15 October 2009 - 12:46 PM

whole wheat is so good for you General Mills and other cereal comps are putting in most if not all cereals.
When it comes to food, the more color or has color, the better. White foods are FLAT OUT not good for you.
Do a search on the Mediterranian Diet(sp and I don't care).
And southcak, while changing your diet just keep finding a way to get some good cardio in at least 3 days a week.

#17 Epistaxis


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Posted 15 October 2009 - 01:07 PM


I still contend the average American should be more concerned with how much food they eat rather than nitpicking about whether his or her bottomless pasta bowl from the OG is filled with whole wheat, cream of wheat, wheeties, wheatabix, cracked wheat, wheatever.

Once they drop the first 50 to 75 lbs they can start getting concerned with WHAT and not how much.

Eat a lot less and exercise more.

There is a reason the average American complains bitterly about the itty bitty foodplate he/she gets at furrun restaurants.
Because he/she is used to supersized whatever.
Does it really matter if you eat the whole bag of baked Doritos vs. regular?

Yeah, if you run marathons.

#18 Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets

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Posted 15 October 2009 - 01:39 PM

check the ingredients, if it says enriched....fill in the blank....flour, you might as well be eating regular stuff. Look for whole grains - be it whole wheat or whole whatever else grain. Can't help you with taste though in case you're asking which tastes better.

Winner.....don't let the multigrain, 12-grain, etc on the front of the package fool you.....

#19 Panthers_Lover


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Posted 15 October 2009 - 01:46 PM

Winner.....don't let the multigrain, 12-grain, etc on the front of the package fool you.....


#20 Darth Biscuit

Darth Biscuit

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Posted 15 October 2009 - 02:00 PM

My diet = Sundrop + Taco Bell... is that bad?

#21 jdl


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Posted 15 October 2009 - 02:35 PM

weight loss has nothing to do with exercise, except that exercise is burning calories. If your calories in < calories out, then you will lose weight.

I went from 205 to 190 without any exercise, just eating habits.

if man has altered the food in any way, dont eat it.

#22 Panther'sBigD


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Posted 15 October 2009 - 05:11 PM

I ate half for dinner and half for lunch today. I'm good on the portion sizes. I'm just curious if wheat pasta is really that much better than regular pasta.

Was it covered in Marinara or Alfredo Sauce? If it's covered in Alfredo, then you're going to pack on weight even if you halve the portion no matter what kind of pasta you choose. That stuff is about as bad as nacho cheese.

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