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Mr. Scot

Much as I hate to say it...

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I just started a similar thread. We were probably writting it at the same time.

I don't disagree with the move to trade Jenkins or to make Lewis the starter. What I do question is the team not getting another DT to help in the rotation. They signed guys like Hackett and Johnson who IMO they could have done without even if they hadn't been bust.

One thing I saw that is interesting was that Terrance Cody, the big Junior DT from Alabama, is being ranked between 20 and 25 on most boards if he declairs for the draft. He seems to fit the bill of another Kris Jenkins type of DT but without the headaches. IMO there is no greater need going into this offseason than getting a DT to solidify the defensive line. Not sure what it would take to move up from the bottom of the 2nd round to get him at say 20 but it might be worth it.

Edit: For the record, I did not start the "Why did we trade Jenkins" thread. Mine was the one on the defensive line.

Caught that.

My main point in starting this thread wasn't to question the front office, but to point out the folly of people who miss Jenkins also wanting to see Peppers let go. Unfortunately, I left out my last line :rolleyes:

(it's fixed now)

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