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European Football League...

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Thought this was interesting. They play during the spring time. If you click Eurobowl on the left, you'll have access to the results of this year and the teams in this league. Something to note, they have 60 man squads, but still have to have to trim it down to 45 on gamedays.

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    • Big Ben started 13 games for the Steelers his rookie year and was 13-0 to help lead the Steelers to a 15-1 Record
    • bruh... who am I gonna combine my low key trolls with in the GoT and TWD threads now? Don't be a stranger. I finally got around to starting book two btw.
    • Dude! That guy was awesome! I need to look him up now. I really got out of American Idol after McCreery won. He's somewhat local and all but I don't think he deserved that W.  None of the idols really do much anymore except the country ones IIRC. I think that speaks a bit towards the genericness of pop music and culture.  They need to have a version for each genre.