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Henne Given Sunday

MTV's "Remote Control" host Ken Ober Dies

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...Ober's reps confirm to Zap2it that he passed away over the weekend at the age of 52. No other details were available late Monday morning...

...he'll be remembered as the host of "Remote Control," the TV-obsessed game show that aired on MTV from 1987-'89 and featured such categories as "Brady Physics" and "Dead or Canadian." It also helped introduce Adam Sandler to the world; he worked as a writer on the show (as did Denis Leary), and he played the recurring on-screen characters Trivia Delinquent and Stud Boy.

damn! :frown2:

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Ober had worked as writer and producer on Comedy Central's "Mind of Mencia" in recent years

That's what you get for ripping off people.

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Not really sure if it's true or not....


After a flurry of rumors and counter-rumors, it appears that Ken Ober, the former host of MTV's Remote Control, has in fact passed away at age 52.

In his passing, Ober broke a great internet boundary, turning the traditional internet paradigm on its head and becoming the first subject of a false death rumor, wherein the rumor of its falsehood was what turned out to be fake, and the death itself was sadly real. While the false death rumor is a venerable online genre, having prematurely claimed the passings of Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Swayze among others, the false rumor of a false death rumor has been until today, an unexplored frontier of the internet.

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