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I know...EVERYONE knows...guess there's always one in every Christmas thread though. The Pagans around the world must really be hurt by the lack of props they get. They should probably be allowed to open up some casinos as restitution.

do not say casino....it makes me sad about the good old days when I used to go to vegas on the regular...now im broke and cant go!!:sad:

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One of the great strengths that Christianity used to have, as it were, was its ability to synchronize with the beliefs of others in different parts of the world.

Now, unfortunately, that idea has been lost due to the chest-beating, overly CHRIST-mas crowd such as jangler is referencing.

But, historically, when Christianity was spreading to all parts of the globe, the people preaching it from Paul to St. Patrick were able to use the pagan religions as a jumping of point to bring people to Christ. There's the famous example at Areophagus where Paul used a statue of a Pagan god to launch into his message. And, of course, there's the Christmas trees and the wreaths and such...things that allowed the pagan followers to become Christians, but still keep some of their traditions--which, of course, made this new belief more appealing. And of course there's the famous example of St. Patrick who, legend has it, used the pagan symbol of the three-leafed shamrock to illustrate the Trinity to Celtic groups in Ireland.

Like I said, it was a great strength of Christianity that they were able to do these things in the beginning...but now people have become so set in their ways that they disdain anything remotely approaching synchronization, to the detriment of spreading Christ's message.

And that's my long post for the day.

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I would be more appropriate if they had a baby in the tree. Christmas is about baby Jesus. Not dead Jesus.

Can you tell that to TCM.

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The tree itself is a pagan ritual...

But leave it to Christians to take something they don't like, conquer it, and make it theirs...

What's ur point?

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