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Strong Words from Wallace and Jackson after Jazz Game

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Wallace not only questioned his teammates pride and effort, but he pointed to specific things stating that guards were not helping rebound when they are supposed to, he also said that players don't have pride on defense.

Jackson commented that he is playing with as much effort as possible and complimented Wallace's effort before saying that the team isn't getting enough effort from every player. When Wallace was asked what could be done to fix the problem, Wallace basically said that it can't be fixed because certain guys are not playing with pride and effort. Jackson expressed similar sentiments.

Larry Brown complimented DJ Augustin but stated that the Bobcats have too many players who don't give enough effort.

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Same old story. I feel bad for Wallace and Jackson, they deserve much better. I hate to say it cause he is one of my favs, but I wish Wallace would go to a winner just so I can see him succeed.

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It starts with the HC then it trickles down, one of the main culprits of this is Diaw, DJ, and Flip.

Jackson is getting up there with his unforced turnovers, and terrible shot selection.

Also LB knows who's not giving the effort and he continues to play them minutes they should not be playing and his song is starting to grow old with me.

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I think the only way you can send a message is give minutes to guys who will give effort. Not once have I questioned Derrick Brown or Gerald Henderson's effort. They bring a lot of energy and hustle when they are in the game and I'd like to see Brown play this lineup:

pg - Felton

sg - Jackson

sf - Wallace

pf - Brown

c - Mohammad

6- Henderson

Augustin would be a consistent backup and depending on matchups, diaw and chandler would alternate on who gets more minutes. This lineup may seem silly considering how much Diaw and Chandler are making and their NBA experience, but what else do you do? Make a trade or change the rotation.

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Raymond Felton- Give's Effort

Stephen Graham-Give's Effort

D.J. Augustin- Give's Effort

Acie Law- N/A

Flip Murray- No Effort

Gerald Henderson- Give's Effort

Stephen Jackson- Give's Effort

Gerald Wallace- Give's Effort

Derrick Brown- Give's Effort

Boris Diaw- No Effort

Alexis Ajinca- N/A

DeSagana Diop- N/A

Tyson Chandler- No Effort

Nazr Mohammad- Give's Effort

Boris Diaw, Flip Murray, and Tyson Chandler all need to have an attitude check and play to the ability they are all capable of. Diaw has scored 20 points or more only four times this season, he has scored less than 10 points this season fourteen times, which has to change in order for this team to have a chance of advancing to the playoffs and actually making a name for themselves instead of getting blown out by Boston or whoever we play. Flip Murray is a streaky player, he needs to learn when he is in a slump, and the right time to shoot out of that slump, which is not in a tie ball game, when you are 1-11 and there is less then three minutes in the game. Flip needs to work on his shot in practice, and if it means staying after for a little while then so be it. Now we know Flip can play ball, he has had a 15, 17, and 31 point ball game this year. However, in these games he is also playing defense and rebounding pretty well. In other games Flip will sulk and feel bad for himself when his shot is not going down, instead of getting back on defense or crashing the boards, which has to stop. Tyson Chandler proved to the Bobcat Nation in the game against the Pacers that he can play ball. However, he needs to prove it every game, not just when he feels like it. I also don't want to here the excuse of conditioning, he has had two years to condition and if he is not fully healthy by now, then it is time to hang up the sneaks. Chandler aslo needs to play with more heart and mind, and less emotion. He lets his emotions take over him in the middle of the game and gets these stupid, stupid fouls called on him when he just needs to use his head. He needs to play with his heart as well, maybe he does not realize he is 7-1 and 235 pounds, and if he doesn't know it then somebody needs to inform him of this mind boggling matter, because he should be getting double figures in the rebounding column each game. Instead our 6-7 small forward is having to play balls out every single game in order to ensure there are no second chance points for our oppenents. As for the guards, one needs to crash the boards and the other needs to break out on the sideline for an outlet pass so we can play our run and gun type of style. I hope they will improve on this subject and get back to their winning ways.




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why is wallace inactive tonight????

i agree with taking away diaw min for brown, but i do feel chandler gives effort he just isnt back to full strength yet, or for thta matter may never be, i do feel he should be benched for nazr, but i dont feel that he doesnt give effort.

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^ headaches... if i called into work with headaches.

Please tell me your not questioning Gerald's toughness and will to win. He is one of the toughest guys in the NBA if not all sports, so please know what your talking about.......btw WCU is going to kick your ass in basketball this year plus you only managed to beat them by 5 in football.....LOL

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