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Nfl Draft Vegas Style

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The following conclusions can be drawn after looking at the odds vegas has for these players and different positions. Heres the list of conclusions according to vegas odds, quite interesting!

3 qbs in first

2 rbs in first

2.5 w.r's/ TE in first

7 offensive lineman in first

4 defensive tackles in first

5 defensive ends in first

clausen top 9

okung top 4

eric berry # 5 or 6

bruce campbell after 8

trent williams after 5

joe haden #12

c.j spiller #14

suh before mccoy

thomas before tate

okung before bulaga

bulaga after 6

joe haden before earl thomas

weatherspoon in the first

tate not in first

brian price in first

deymarius thomas in first

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    • It is the off-season and winning online competitions is kinda our thing.   Let's see if we can't swing this thing.  The Pats need to go home.  We must fight the Evil League of Evil coalition. 
    •   So are you upset that Hillary lost and we stopped investigating her?  Or that in an alternate reality, Hillary won and no one is talking about Russia?  I'm trying to see your point, but alas, you might be too clever for me. Or are we back to it's not fair to expect Trump NOT to have Russian ties because of business interests?  Again, all Trump had to do was completely break from his companies, and he did not.  And we're seeing some serious Russian interests in Trump winning, and a lot of contact between Trump's campaign officials and advisers, which is good or bad? I'm not sure the point you're trying to make.  Is it "yay, Trump won so we can investigate Russian interference with the election and administration!"  Or is it "Boo, if Hillary won she wouldn't be investigated!" Hillary lost.  People came out for Trump in the rust belt. Now that people are looking at Trump, what he's said, what laws he's trying to pass, etc; a lot of information is coming out.  Is that bad?  Or is it just that the media is being unfair to Trump? Maybe I'm just not smart enough to get it.
    • I highly doubt this will upset anyone, unless they are trolling that is.