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King Taharqa

Bobcats Owner MJ says "Thank You Charlotte"

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If anyone's a worthless racist its you. I'd be scared to leave my kids around you, you might eat them. As many times as you've called young black athletes "thugs", "money hungry", and "selfish" and any other negative connotation you can think of on this board you're the last one to speak, dude.

Are you serious?? Nowhere have I call many black athletes as thugs, money hungry, selfish, etc. as you call it. None. If I did, please post a link to back it up than making up lies about me & putting words in my mouth. If I said such things like that, why do I have a replica jersey of Steve Smith? Ask panthergal, ladypanther, Cosmo, etc. They will back me up on that. Also, my co-manager at work is black & I don't care, 'cause she is a good person. But then you accuse JR of somewhat being a racist with not getting a black QB like Vick who suck. Kettle meet pot.

Its also very telling you cant give a successful black person a compliment without taking a backhanded shot at another one.

I can at least give compliment to a classy black owner name Michael Jordan than BJ. If anything, I'm glad he is the owner. You don't want to believe that I like Jordan & give him compliment. Always like Jordan & always will, with how he is classy & doesn't badmouth Charlotte.

Now go find some young black kids to call "thugs" and spit at and leave this topics to Bobcats FANS who care about basketball and not race and politics. You suck so much dude.

There you go again: making up lies about me again & again. I wish you give me link & evidence to back up what you said about me.

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