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Lets Go Panthers!!!!

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First off im a Niners fan so I reaalllly want carolina to win the game because i cant stand AZ but all in all im rooting for the panthers to win it all!!! Good Luck Guys!!!

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Thank you. Singletary will fix the 49ers. He's a tough guy.

The whole country should root for us if they want a competitive game against either the giants or the eagles.

Arizona is just not in either the Eagles or Giants catagory.

I'm not saying Arizona is not a talented team; but, I think either the Giants or Eagles will flat out kill Arizona, probably 20-0 and not much of a conference game.

As for the Panthers, no telling. If they play as they are capable, they will when.

Arizona seems to put a lot in their first go around; but, our two O-Linemen were out during that game. Not so now.

Shame it won't be nice and cold for them too. Maybe, wet, will do.

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theres no question in my mind that carolina will win as long as they stick to thier gameplan and not try to compete with az aerial attack. you guys imo have the best running attack in the game so you gotta use your strenghts and jam the ball down thier throats.

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