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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

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Been reading on here about 3 years now. Posted some stuff a while back nothing to serious because I was busy with other things (mainly school). Got a regular job and this is where I spend a lot of my time during that job so I will start posting more.

Live in San Diego but hate all things San Diego. Love the Lakers, Dodgers, and Panthers. I love all sports and will discuss any sporting event out there. The best thing about sports is no one has to agree and it is open for debate.

Played 2 years of D3 football in college then decided to give it up. I love what goes on here and everyone talking football so I can't wait to get in on some of the action!

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    • a neonazi event without advocacy of violence is an oxymoron. nazism is the advocacy of violence, it's a core principal of the ideology. it's a genocidal ideology, which promotes the murder of innocent people based on their race. i don't need the respect of neonazis. i hope you absolutely fuging hate me. here's the organizer of the "free speech rally."
    • I don't blame anyone for not bothering to vote given the depressingly comical choices, and the overall current state of voting in general. Honestly the voters that pat themselves on the back because they were rewarded with an "I voted" sticker like a little kid that just got a piece of candy for merely doing what they were told just because they voted for another round of empty suits are a big part of why our political process is one pitiful rehashed song and dance with only the letters besides the names changed. The Americans that spend their time trying so desperately to defend and kiss up to the rich elite thinking they'll one day join the cool kids club like they see with Donald Trump who says and does whatever he wants are in for a very rude awakening sooner rather than later.
    • This was a great way to spend a half hour at work.  Shocked I made it in here before its moved to Tinderbox.