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rep rep rep

And since I'm a VT boy...



Offense, Defense, ST.

Enter, Exit, & Win.

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    • I just want the dude in shape and on the field. Ever since his NFL debut when he had 6 catches for 92 yards and a TD I've felt like thia guy can be an elite NFL WR if he just puts in the work. It's up to him. 
    • Jesus Jeremy, you post a thread trying to stir up controversy and confirm the weight gain and then you post this? why can't we just stand behind our guys 100%? Kelvin is a big guy, he plays big, physical football. he's tough to cover and he can go up for a jump against ANYONE in the league. that is his job. we got some smaller quick guys to do all the poo you want Benji to do. root the guy on and understand his role on the team. 
    • Let's not forget that Kelvin was making Josh Norman look silly in 2015 TC as well.