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Bin Laden 'invites jihad' for Gaza

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(CNN) -- Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has apparently released a new audio message calling for a jihad, or holy war, against Israel for its Gaza campaign.

The message is "an invitation" from bin Laden to take part in "jihad to stop the aggression against Gaza."

The audio message was posted on a radical Islamist Web site known for posting statements from bin Laden.

CNN could not independently confirm the authenticity of the message, but the speaker's voice was similar to recordings that bin Laden has made in the past.

The last time bin Laden released an audio message was in mid-May, timed to coincide with Israel's 60th anniversary. That message urged his followers to liberate Palestine.


I like this...

President Bush, whose term ends next week, told CNN's Larry King on Tuesday that he remains optimistic that bin Laden would be found.

King asked Bush, "Are we ever going to find bin Laden?"

"Yes, of course, absolutely," Bush replied. "We've got a lot of people out there looking for him, a lot of assets. You can't run forever."

Way to keep up beat there Pres.

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Jihad is a ripoff of the American redneck term "Yeeeeehawwww!"

And, by the way, I declare jihad on you.

I had a roach declare a jihad on me once. That f*cker wouldn't die...

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OBL also declared jihad on Darfur, hunger, lack of education, subjectfication of women all in his neck of the woods.

Wait, what was I thinking?

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