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Hmmmm...... Wait a sec!

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:04 AM

It's because everyone hates NFL Executives

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:05 AM

So basically, NFL Executive is the guy who goes to the comments boards and writes "F1RST!" And now he is getting his panties in a wad because people aren't giving him imaginary credit?

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:12 AM

the difference in saying it then and now, is Moores play. Moore had done nothing up until the past 2 games to show he could not qb this team. So your assumption about Moore was not based on facts or his actions.

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:20 AM

I think the main reason people were more hesitant to pull Delhomme is because of his history with us. I said in another post yesterday I like Moore, he seems like a good guy and after his games last season I wanted him to come in this season and light it up, but if he plays bad and get benched I'm all for pulling him because he hasn't connected with us. He has never seemed like our "starter" or our "leader."

With Jake even when I was sitting in the freezing cold at that Arizona game I had full faith in that guy because I KNEW what he was capable of, he took us to the Super Bowl he consistently gave us wins he was advertised our tasty Bojangles Chicken and Biscuits he was the face of our franchise. Most people here had loyalty to Jake, Jake was our guy and that why I and alot of others hesitated to call for Jakes head (at least for the first 3-4 games of last year). With Matt its just not the same, he gave us hope at the end of last season but I don't think he's connected with us he always has seemed kind of disposable.