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Pastor Lowery, you are the man!!

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Panthro    10,030

Oh but wait ladies and gentlemen.... we are white.. therefore we can not be offended...

Goes to search the tv for the new W.E.T. channel...

You are more than welcome to be offended by it just like I have felt shameful for every mildly racist comment you've made in several threads today

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Grapeape45    0

Last time I checked this was still a free country. Go to whatever church you please. It's covered under the 1st Amendment.

Perception is realitity so if someone feels offended, then they were offended. I don't understand how someone else can be shamed by another's actions. I don't suscribe to the oppression and slaverly issue. It's in the past so why live there? I don't see jews complaining to Egypt for having to build those pyramids. I didn't see my fellow students being oppressed in public schools or in the military. America is the greatest country on the face of the earth. We have millions that come here both legally and illegally to get a better life through hard work, so where is all this oppression today? Living in the past gets you no where.

As far as the WET TV remark. It's a double standard that is not PC to acknowledge. I once got in trouble because I questioned why we had the FOP and PBA but there was NOBLE for the black police officers. I still don't quite understand why someone wants to be equal but insist on their own exclusiveness based soley on their skin color. Maybe someone can explain it so I can understand.

As far as President Obama, I didn't vote for him based on his stances on things I beleive differently on. He IS the POTUS so he is my President and I hope he does a great job for his term(s) but his skin color means jack-$hit to me. I don't envy his position because no matter what, you can never please everybody but you sure can pissed everyone off.

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