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Matt Moore

Official Netflix Thread

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Wanderlai    582

A few good documentaries I've watched:

Countdown to Zero. Really hits home with the Japan situation and their Nuclear Plants.

Fat Head. Good for folks interested in food science, myths about food/cholesterol, and why the government pushes carbs.

Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia not sure if any of its wondurful though. Funny...loved the Taco Bell drive through part and the Hillbilly mating call.

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i watched the wild and wonderful whites after seeing so many recommendations here and in a thread in the lounge. it was good but man it was sad. definitely challenges you in a strange way - it can be hilarious, sad, and appalling in the span of ten seconds.

HUD, The Verdict

both great, great films.

nice! i've actually never seen hud. big fan of the verdict, the sting, and other newman films tho so i need to check that out.

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fitty76    240

Saw "The Nines" last night. Almost awesome

Saw "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" liked it just because the director just let Nic Cage go wild. He's so much fun to watch when he's off the leash.

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cdandi1    113

Just finished watching both seasons 4 and 5 of Fox's Bones..which has become a suprising favorite of mine.

Also, just watched the movie Wall Street, the 1987 orginal (the prequal to the new wall street movie). It is on instant stream. Def a good watch if you want something somewhat out of the box.

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