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First power ranking out

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#1 natty


    Senior Member

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:36 PM

Now I'm normally someone who detests offseason power rankings or even early season power rankings, but this one is just hilarious.

Panthers = 16th


#2 southcakalac


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:38 PM


#3 Kettle


    I'm Stainless.

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:42 PM

crazy. top 5 is all AFC

#4 I Mean He Was Found Guilty

I Mean He Was Found Guilty


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:42 PM

Saints and Falcons both over the Panthers.

It begins :)

#5 Squirrel


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:44 PM

About righrt since we do have alot of question on Defense.

#6 CarolinaSock


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:45 PM

Lol, they mention a Favre rumor for Minnesota. They would lead the league in turnovers by a wide margin with Peterson coughing it up and Favre throwing it all over the field.

#7 natty


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:47 PM

Man, there just isn't any rhyme or reason to that ranking.

The 2 teams in the NFC championship are ranked 8th and 10th. The AFC teams...1st and 9th. He has Atlanta as the best team in the NFC...ranked 6th....one below the 8-8 Chargers?!??!

#8 natty


    Senior Member

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:48 PM

About righrt since we do have alot of question on Defense.

12-4, NFCS champs, 2nd seed

Sure there are some defense questions, but not to warrant a 16 ranking.

#9 monstercat


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:50 PM

How can we have questions on defense? A few weeks ago, everybody was certain that getting rid of Trgovac as the answer to all our problems. And people have been complaining about Peppers all season long anyway, so who cares if he leaves?

#10 top dawg

top dawg

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:54 PM

The only way to prove 'em wrong is to display the product on the field.

But, really guys, what do you expect? The last performance put a bad taste in the mouth of Panthers fans, but it just opened us up for all kinds of questions to everyone else.

That game opened us up like a can of Dole peaches in syrup opens up a constipated baby. What comes out ain't pretty!

#11 Murph


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:55 PM

I think that is exactly where we have been at most pre-season rankings for many many years.

I'm fine with it.

#12 Fireball77


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:57 PM

I don't know MC...it seems to me that more people have been concerned with the overall play of the D and their thinking is that Pep and Trgo have been issues in that. Me, I am hesitant to blame Trgo because when the HC was a DC, I feel it's more that the DC is running his scheme than acting more independently. As for Pep, I don't think he was a problem this year. I am sad he wants to leave because of the reason his agent gave and sad that I don't believe he ever lived up to what I think his POTENTIAL is for several years though.

#13 MyDrunkardNC


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 03:13 PM

just crazy . . . he should have put the team at least 13 or 14

#14 Pumpkin Eater

Pumpkin Eater

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 03:14 PM

Pretty asinine to have power rankings before next season before the draft, before free agency, before camp.

#15 carpanfan96


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 03:15 PM

That's just retarded. Should be just based off of last season, Which wouldn't put us at 16th. At best we should be around 10th or so. The peppers situation hasn't played out, so you shouldn't even use that in your rankings at this point.

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