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Vince Young a possibility/opportunity for us perhaps???

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 01:18 AM

As to the 2nd....it REALLY doesnt bother you that no running QB has ever won a title?

Not saying that VY is the guy that will eventually lead us back to the SB, but your wrong that no quote, unquote, "running" QB has ever won a title. Just off the top of my head here but:

Exhibit A: Steve Young- labled a bust by many, had a really good arm, but was also able to make huge plays with his legs too. He actually holds some records for that by the way.

Most Rushing TD's by a QB (Career): 43
Most Rushing Yards by a QB (Postseason Career): 594
Most Rushing TD's by a QB (Postseason Career): 8

He led the 49'ers to Superbowl XXIX and won. He also holds the distinction of being ranked #2 on the NFL Network's list of all time great "mobile" QB's to ever play in the NFL, right inbetween Randall Cunningham and Fran Tarkenton.

The list of other mobile, or QB's that could make plays with their ability to run the football that either led their team to or won the SB is actually rather long. Here are a few more of them just for shits and giggles:

* Joe Theissman - Superbowls XVII and XVIII
* Fran Tarkenton - Superbowls VIII, IX, and XI
* Roger Staubach - Superbowls VI, X, XII, and XIII
* Donovan McNabb - Superbowl XXXIX

Disclaimer: Before you go arguing with me about it, I in no way shape or form believe that Vince Young is as good or will ever be as good as Steve Young or any of these other QB's, I am just stating that a QB that could run, and run really well mind you, has indeed been to and won a SB before. :seeya:

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 01:34 AM

Perhaps you are misunderstanding....I'm not claiming Moore or Clausen or Pike is better than him now, nor am I claiming they ever will be. Vince could likely lead us to more wins this year than any of our QBs on staff right now, and could be solid, perhaps decent for several years....much better than it looks right now for our QBs. I hold out hope for Clausen, but I admit I'm a Jimmy homer, but I am realistic enough to admit that Jimmy's odds of being a good QB are dwindling. None of this is my point.

My point is that Vince is a great backup QB IF you want to win a championship. No QB with his skills has ever succeeded in the playoffs, and given his track record for earning little respect from people who know, I doubt he will be the first. Is there a chance? Yes, there is a first time for everything. I just have no interest in wasting years when the chance is so small. Look, I LOVED Clausen coming out of the draft, but if he goes through another 5-6 games into the season without showing progress, I say he is done as a focal point of our QB future. Could Jimmy STINK this year and still be a Rich Gannon? Sure, but the chances are so slim, I dont wanna waste the time. IF we are 0-6 and he is playing poorly....I say we start him the rest of the year, take Luck, and now we at worst have a franchise QB and a backup with experience. I wouldnt mind a Dennis Dixon/Seneca Wallace type backup either. However, if your goal is to win a title, you have to have a smart pocket passer. Of your goal is to go 8-8, Vince is your man,

Are you sure you are a Panthers fan? Jake Delhomme had more skillz than VY?

And yeah, I personally never buy into any of the "no team, no qb, no wr has ever......." statements. A dozen or more of those are proven wrong every single year. Hence the GM Never say Never commercials.

Prior to this year, no team with a losing record has ever made the playoffs either in a full season year.

Going from what decent FA we can take on as a QB this year to us winning a Superbowl with him is so far apart I can't even begin to fathom it in my head. There are thousands of minutes of football that's played in a year, every year, each minute with their own thousands of possible outcomes that has a lot more to do with a team going to a Superbowl than who the Panthers take on as a FA in 2011 to play QB.

Please no more talk of how us taking a FA QB this year is going to affect our chances in going to the Superbowl. Talk to me about that the week before our next NFC championship game.

Right now I'm simply interested in what QB will be a day 1 starter to open our season in 2011 if there's even a season. VY is one of those guys. Clausen, Moore are just big question marks, and at least as of right now, are NOT the answer.

I swear you guys act as if there's actually a guy out there that you can take that you can really say...ok now that we got him, we're going to the Superbowl! The reality is even if you had the first round pick every single year for the past 5 years and bought every top FA in the NFL for the past 5 years you STILL don't know if you can make the Superbowl.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 09:02 AM

The Vikings QB coach was his position coach at Tenn.It will be interesting to see how much confidence and interest he has in VY.They need a qb as bad as we do.If we take VY we have a talented young man but we also have someone that can come unglued at any minute.He would more than likely want more money than I would be willing to give but I would would risk it under the right conditions.

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 09:41 AM

In fact he probably saved Fisher's job that year. But Fisher didn't exactly return that favor last year when he benched him for having a bad day, the second game of the season after winning the first.

meh... Fisher benched him for one quarter and promised to bring him back in the next game, which he did... He said VY was having trouble figuring out the Steelers defense and that there was nothing wrong with that because the Steelers do it to a lot of people. That wasn't what caused the blowup between VY and Fisher anyway, it was just another part of the situation.