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The Media has Officially Picked a Side

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The people who hired him believe that they hold all the cards. They think that the players eventually will cave and that the owners will get what they want. They also think that the fans will tolerate whatever indignity is visited upon us without ever turning on the game.

They may be right, on both counts. But that doesn’t mean that we as fans should sit by and watch the custodians of the game risk irreparable damage to it.

So make yourselves heard, in the comments section of sites like PFT and NFL.com. Also, call or write the league office and/or NFLPA headquarters and urge the two sides to act like partners, not enemies, and to quit dragging their feet and get to work on working out a deal that will preserve not only the regular season but also the most robust and intriguing offseason in all of sports.

At the end Florio makes an attempt to be unbiased but it's very evident by the "...custodians of the game risk irreparable damage..." that NBC and PFT is taking the player's side in all of this now.

The media is hoping that their support of the players will get a deal done sooner but I think that the harder the media supports the players and more the owners are going to dig their heels into the sand.

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THe media is siding with the players because the player's union is playing out the negotiations in the media while the owners are doing most of their work in private. So obviously fans and people are hearing more about the player's side. In the end what the media and fans think won't change the negotiations.

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much more to sell with the thousands of loose lipped, un-named, and not present players to quote

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this is not surprising, everyone with any semblance of reason and intelligence is on the side of the players. they're not the ones who opted out of the CBA and are threatening no football.

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