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So we sign Shockey, awesome. What now?

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McNabb isn't going anywhere unless he pulls a Carson Palmer and historically McNabb has been a company man so I doubt that will happen. Shannahan will be shown the door before McNabb.

You need to take a closer look at his big extension he got in Washington.

He has a 10 million option coming up that if they pay it triggers the rest of the contract.

Bottom line is you cut a QB prior to that 10 million option if you think Rex Grossman is just as good. Redskins have plenty of time until that 10 million option comes just to hold onto him just to see if there is any use of him.....

still think odds favor him just being cut and not a Redskin next year. Keeping him and Shanny wouldn't make sense and Shanny is staying at least another year.

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