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12 Year Old Abducted By Police Trial Results in Mistrial

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Closing arguments are expected Monday in the trial of a girl accused of assaulting a police officer, but her defense attorney claims police are to blame because officers mistook the 12-year-old for a prostitute.

On Aug. 22, 2006, police were dispatched to the 2200 block of 24th Street to investigate three white prostitutes propositioning a white man and a black man selling drugs.

12 year old goes outside in short shorts to check breaker box. Plainsclothes policemen on the lookout for 3 white prostitutes grab her and abduct her under charges of prostitution. She fights to not be taken in.

Luckily the jury is deadlocked:

A deadlocked jury failed to reach a verdict Monday in the case of a girl accused of assaulting a police officer after officers allegedly mistook her for a prostitute.

After eight hours of deliberation, a jury of three men and three women told Judge Roy Quintanilla they were hopelessly deadlocked in the case charging Dymond L. Milburn, now 15, in the Aug. 22, 2006, assault of Galveston police officer David Roark.

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That story is bizzaro on so many levels I don't know what to make of it.

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    • Same thing I do every year. Tell you dummies this organization has pissed away another year with wasted picks (Funchess, Ealy, Boston and so on). Listen to all the blind faith crap and how our 5th round rookie WR is the next GOAT (or in your case our UDFA Philly-like scrub WR), when none of the homers have even seen the kid play outside of whatever 2 minute YouTube video they quickly watch.  Go back and forth for a season or two until they're traded or not brought back (Ealy, Philly) and unfortunately have to tell you "I told you so". How's that?
    • Plus the hamstring issue is over blown imo, I'm pretty sure Odell had some similar issues as well before being drafted. Let a NFL training staff get a hold of him and he'll be good to go imo

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