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Braves thread

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Chipper finally to the DL after much speculation...looks like Prado will be our 3B when he gets back after the break with McLouth remaining in left.

Looks like the Julio Lugo show for the rest of the series *joy*

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I'm assuming Fredi didn't care much about winning todays game, sending out our 5th best starter and the worst 2 in the pen. If Proctor is still not gone, Frank Wren is an idiot...the braves have better in AAA.

The Phils definitely took advantage of today, and the teams are a lot closer than the box score indicated...I still see a tight battle during the second half. Both will make it into the playoffs barring any more injuries.

At least the Braves can look forward to getting the heart and soul of the team back, Prado, after the break. Uggla looks to be getting a little more confident and if Heyward can actually step up into the box, they will look a lot better on offense. Still missing another RH bat and arm in the pen.

As a side note, I really like the stacked bullpens in Philly, probably sucks warming up though.

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D lowe has to go

DLowe isn't guaranteed any time in the organization, believe me, if Wren could trade him before the deadline to get a RH bat, he would. The Braves have the pretty nice problem of having the 3 arms capable of starting next year in Minor, Teheren (the Braves #1 prospect) and even Medlen when he gets healthy (although they could keep him in the bullpen as long relief if needed).

They have been looking to get out of the rest of Lowe's big contract since last year, but haven't found a good enough offer...and his DUI didn't help those feelings. With that being said...Derek has always been a 2nd half pitcher and was lights out last year in getting us into the playoffs.

Next year, realistically I could see the Braves starting






Followed by in the pen:






Still damn good and leaves Lowe and Minor(Although Jair could still replace his name here) as trade pieces.

Ok I'm done ranting.

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Rumors heating up around Carlos Beltran, Olney says the Braves are the front runners right now...Mets scouted Minor last night.

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I don't know how I feel about it...I'm not convinced he can handle CF, we get a much better bat but for a guy that will be out of position. He'd also just be a rental, a rental for a top pitching prospect.

The Braves have shown they can play the Phils tough but is Beltran really going to put us over the top? Braves need a leadoff hitter and if we are ready to giving up a top prospect, I'm on the phone with the Astros talking Michael Bourn. A true leadoff bat and get Schafer out of the line up.

Ether way I guess a bat is a bat at this point...

Schafer .236

Heyward .228

McLouth .225

Gonzalez .223

Uggla .193

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