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Cam's accuracy

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Once he refines his footwork his accuracy will improve. From what I've read his biggest problem is he gets antsy in 11-on-11 drills.

I do think the worst thing we can do right now is try to limit his running. If he feels more comfortable taking off when pressured than standing in the pocket and delivering a strike, then we should let him run... for now. Obviously in the long term he's going to have to learn how to make those tough throws, but we have to use him right now based on what he does best and is most comfortable with, and right now that's shotgun and scrambling.

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I'm very interested in this...no stats, no motives, just discussion.

This is what I like.

I'll start it once you post it.

Part I

Passing Chart:


OT: (+/-)on time/in rhythm

TAR- (+/-) on target catchable ball (above the waist not above the shoulders within arm's length)

IS- (+/-) in stride

**Good plays/NFL ability in Bolded in Orange

Sienna color negative plays

1) Shotgun Play Action then Pump Fake WR screen left-(plenty of time in a clean pocket) then hits the right side WR on a deep Slant-Seam route. OT+ TAR+ IS+ from Auburn's 15 yd line to USC's 25 yard a 40+ yard through w/ ease good footwork nice release

^^^This play does not appear in youtube cut-up^^^

2) Shotgun-has all day stays in the pocket reads through his progressions shuffles left keeps his eyes down field and throws on the run goofy footed/fading back arm throw but OT+ TAR+ IS n/a

3) Shotgun escapes sack starts to scramble up the middle with his eyes downfield spots the RB and makes a nifty shovel pass flick to the RB:50s

4) Shotgun 2 step drop clean footwork throws in rhythm sideline hitch left OT+ TAR+ IS+ quick release ball got there in a hurry

5) Shotgun takes off jukes the hell out of the spy gains 14+ yards gets down to avoid hit-great run

6) Shotgun PA-evades sack scrambles right keeps eyes upfield hits 10 sideline pass OT+ TAR+ IS n/a throws on the run goofy foot again (off his right leg) but makes an accurate

7) Shotgun PA zone read QB draw powers through 2 tackles for the TD

8) Shotgun PA half roll out- pressure in the face- makes nice touch pass on TE drag left to right OT+ TAR+ IS+ 2:24s

9) Shotgun Pump n Go right sideline vs all out blitz picked up beautifully- delivers OT+ TAR+ IS+

to wide open Darvin Adams TD!

...from Auburn 35 to their 30 about a 40 yard throw on a line w/ late pressure closing in 2:37s

**10) Shotgun drop backs hits left WR on a 12 yd comeback OT+ TAR+ IS+ ball got there in a hurry

11) Shotgun PA swing pass OT+ TAR+ IS+

12-13) 2 designed QB runs= 1st down

14) Under Center PA evades sacks by juking DL in the backfield keeps eyes upfield hits RB on swing/flat right OT+ TAR+ IS+

15) Shotgun-dash right no pressure keeps eyes downfield, pressure comes throws a shuffle/scramble throws goofy foot fading away arm pass OT+ OT- IS- 3:13s

16) Shotgun PA sideline WR hitch left OT+ TAR+ IS

17) Shotgun PA sideline WR hitch right OT+ TAR+ IS+

18) Shotgun dash right from their 45 to the 3 yards deep in the endzone steps into uncorks it looks like he had plenty of arm left (50+ yard throw) TD

19) Pistol WR screen L

20) Pistol slot comeback OT+ TAR+ IS+

21) Shotgun PA feels and avoids pressure scrambles effortlessly to his left for a 20 yard gain (this run was Randall Cunninghamesque)

**22) (Plenty of time/clean pocket) Shotgun straight drop back-maintains good helmet discipline down the center of the field until the last second when he looks/pivots left and hits a WR that beat the CB on and out and up and Cam beat the Safety w/ the good eye discipline and throw (from the 50 to the 10 40 yd throw w/ ease) OT+ TAR+ IS+ 4:22s

23) Shotgun zone read QB dive trucks the LB for a TD

24) Shotgun zone read keeper runs left full speed jump-cut to pick up the 1st down nice play -gifted open field runner 5:38

25) Shotgun Pump & Go (clean pocket) slot wheel route right steps up throws OT+ TAR+ IS+

For this game:

Instincts+Intuition- 4 made plays no mistakes fumbles/ints

Competitiveness -4

Arm Strength -5 (self evident)

Complete Inventory of passes -5

Quick Delivery -4

Touch- 3 (judging from stats here b/c the incompletions weren't shown but 17/28 w/ 60.7% likely includes some mistakes/missed a few throws)

Read defense -3 (offense didn't require much reading of coverages but executed the offense and made his progressions made good decisions)

Mobility+Avoidance -5

Function while injured - N/A

Not easily rattled-4

Spontaneous decision/play making -5

My questions/nit-picks on Cam:

o sometimes throws arm passes without stepping into the throw

o he'll have to get used to seeing the field and making his progressions from undercenter

o after playing behind an OL that kept him well protected we'll have to see how he handles things when his process is sped up and he's getting hit

These throws stood out to me: On your chart passes: 1,2,4,6,8,17,25-(mine1,2,4,8,10,22,25)

I think its evident from these that Newton has an above average arm and solid mechanics/compact motion/quick release.

But passes 2,17 and 18 really show his NFL potential he hangs in the pocket goes through his progressions and really makes some nice throws; on pass 17 he holds the Safety in the middle of the field with his eyes.

He does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield and his playmaking is evident.

But for the most part he's very well protected this game.

I want to see a game where a team gets pressure on him.

He sometimes throws off balance off his back foot or goofy footed (Rodgers often throws goofy foot when he scrambles) but he's got enough arm where its not a problem.

Like many spread QBs he's gonna have to get comfortable with operating under center.

Newton is a talent.

He has all the physical tools: big time arm, great mobility, solid mechanics, nice compact throwing motion w/ quick release.

A lot of his offense doesn't translate directly into the NFL but some of it does and a QB w/ his tools in the hands of the right QB mentor in the right situation has great upside.

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Cam's accuracy is shining through today at camp :?


Hurry, quickly focus on one or two balls he made okay throws on and ignore the masses

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I don't think Cam can be any worse than what we watched last year with the whole MM/JC/BSP fiasco.

The 3 step and chunk it out of bounds was an all too familiar playcall last year.

I, for one, am excited to see Cam's development play out on the field. We all know that the scrambling QBs have had only marginal success in the grand scheme of things, but why not us? why not Cam? dude has been suited up for barely 2 weeks and people seem ready to crucify the guy.... smh

....all i'm saying is....seemed pretty accurate in college and right now thats all we have to go on!

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