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That dude IS a ninja.

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Speaking of crazy, watch this (fast forward to the 30 second mark to skip the intro). I'll stop posting videos in the post a pic thread after this.

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This church sign between Boone and Blowing Rock has always had the most random poo on it for years.



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    • The 49ers will shock all and pick fournette at 2. Best offensive talent is what they need. John Lynch needs to start off with a bang.
    • Welcome to the world of news media.  Just because you are still butt hurt that Hillary's campaign and the DNC had their own emails used against them doesn't change the fact that what was reveal was indeed factual and those who wrote the emails do not deny that they authored them. Time for you and the DNC to move on.  The email did not cause the dems to lose over a thousand elected seats in government during the last three election cycles and fixating upon them only delays the needed changes withing the party to win the votes of the American electorate. I'm not being snarky here either.  There are now only 18 months to the next elections and the dems are still stuck on Russia, Russia, Russia.  That won't win them any more voters in a tough series of Senate races primarily in red states. Time for the party to do a thorough autopsy on these last few elections and make the necessary changes otherwise our nation is looking at 8 years of Trump with a republican majority in both houses free to do as the please.