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Panthro is a MORON!

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    • Was just thinking about that last night. MJ and Cho might have something up their sleeves. Dont count us out. Gordon signed his name on papers with us last time when we were far worse than now.  I dont think Boston is the clear choice for Hayward. 
    • And by terrific I mean awful.
    • Exactly. You'll gain weight even eating below 2,000 if all your calories come from carbs/fats. Dieting is about tailoring your proteins/carbs/healthy fats within a calorie requirement. There are min/max to all three of these. I keep it at 50/40/10 depending on how I'm working on my body at the moment. 50% protein, 40% carbs, 10% fat within a certain calorie intake. I'll raise he fat and lower the carbs to lose weight. People also look at that and say wow half my calories can be yummy carbs and fat! Those carbs are rice veggies and beans/quinoa and the fat is avacado peanut butter or fish though so not really. On a diet like IGO's, as long as fats are watched, it's almost unecesscary to count calories. This diet would never work for me because of my needed protein intake...beans and tofu only have so much to offer someone building muscle. However I eat read meat 2-3 times a month, and alternate between fish and chicken otherwise with the occasional bean/pea/tofu day.