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Panthers Draft thoughts. Oh Yeah I know the answers.!!

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I been going through a long process of who the Panthers will look at or should take for the draft. Usually I am right most of the time, but this year is kind of tricky due to the fact our defense sucks.There is no sure prospect in this draft that says to me, if we get this guy he will have a instant impact on D. The only guy does is Burfict.

I looked back at Ron Rivera press conference on the bye week this week. He was mostly talking about the rookie wall for guys like sione fua and others. In that press conference he said Fua is our future and he want to protect him and other rookies like mclain and Brandon Hogan. So it got me thinking we wont address the defensive line this year, because he want to see if those guys can developed.Also thinking we will have a solid rotation when Ron edwards return. So if i have to bet me whole college refund check on the 2012 draft, it will be on a LB or OT. But I see LB as the biggest need. If we are in place and a good OT is on Board like Matt kalil or Johnthan Martin we will take them, if not we will go LB.

So our best hope is to pray that Martin comes out because Kalil goes in the top 5. If we are picking in the 6-12 range, what i see planning out more likely we could get Martin or we could get a stud LB like Burfict. If those guys are gone we could probably trade out or go best player like maybe a CB or WR.

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