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Don't know whether to laugh or cry

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My son and his best friend decided to go mudding this afternoon. My son, we'll call him dumbass 1, calls me around 6 to tell me his friend is stuck and they are waiting for another friend to come help pull him out. I say fine, you're on your own for dinner, we're shopping.

So, we've shopped, eaten, and are on our oblivious way home thinking everything is just hunkydoryabout 9 or a little after. We pass by the power lines, and I see a bunch of trucks down there. I look closer, and lo and behold, what do I see? Looks like my son's K5 buried in mud. My daughter is in the back yelling "that's Dumbass 1's truck!"

Call him, and guess what? It IS dumbass 1's blazer buried UP THE GODDAMN DOORS. But, he wasn't muddin, he was trying to get to his friend's (Dumbass 2) truck. Uh huh. Yeah.

Get this. They got Dumbass 2's truck unstuck from the other place around 7, so instead of coming on home, they decide to go somewhere else and go mudding. Now they're both stuck. Up to the damn doors.

We tried a 10 ton winch and two other trucks pulling at the same time. Didn't even budge either truck. They're getting a tractor out there in the morning and hopefully that will pull them out. It's so muddy out there, you can't get anything else in to try. I don't even know if the tractor can make it without sinking.

I'm so pissed right now it's not even funny. I can't believe after already getting stuck one time, they go somewhere else. And my son wasn't even stuck until he tried to help his friend. Or so he says. I want to believe him, and I guess I do. He begged all weekend to keep his k5 cause my husband had it sold. Promised he wouldn't put it in the mud. It didn't have any mud on it tonight other than what the wheels were throwing up trying to unstick it.

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My son and his best friend decided to go mudding this afternoon.

this right here is where you should have known something would go terribly wrong

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To make matters worse, they're right between two creeks feeding into a lake. He'll probably have beaver poo all over it in the morning.

Actually, I think I'm more pissed over seeing his new boots I bought him for Christmas caked in mud. Brand new dr martens that I let him wear early because he needed them.

And, I stepped into a friggin mud hole tonight wearing my sparkle panthers flipflops and ruined them. I was trying to get to dumbass 2's truck to see it.

My daughter has laughed her ass off tonight. She kept singing "I'm the good child" while we were out there. I bet my son has told me 50 times how much he loves me. Oh, and he reverted to calling me "mommy" instead of mom. I'm not the one he needs to be sucking up to, it's his dad. lol At least he wasn't crying like the other boy. In front of the marine recruiter who was also out there trying to help.

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Hope you don't think this will be the last time it happens. And his Dad knew this was gonna happen, he is just pissed that it has caused him extra work while you are fuming over doc martens. Even though he is your son and you think he will do no wrong, keep in mind when you mix test Testosterone with one of the following then things WILL END BADLY:

-other testosterone

-half naked women



-Super Swampers

-Anything with wheels and Aluminum heads

-Guns while with Alcohol

-Tarp covered garage and laundry soap

-Skis Water/Snow

-Sprinkler systems while with alcohol

-Brazilian exchange chicks


-Golf Carts left out at 4am at the local course


-Drunk Chicks



Just a few, but keep in mind....if a mixture of anything above takes place, then you will find yourself with extra work, extra payments, or babies! Buy him every XBOX game he wants and lock him up or expect more nights like this

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Yes, it's the same kid.

I'm honestly scared that even the tractor won't get him out. However bad y'all are thinking he's stuck, it's about 10x worse. I'm not kidding when I say buried to the doors. It's like he was driving and just sunk.

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In reference to the title of the thread. Always better to laugh when given the choice.

And believe me, there are a lot worse situations your kid can get himself into at that age. If getting his truck stuck in the mud is the only thing you have to cry over, consider yourself blessed, take off your flip flops, get in the mud and enjoy having a great kid.

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