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Carolina Hurricanes vs. San Jose Sharks

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The Hurricanes host the Sharks tonight in what could turn out to be a huge win if the Canes are able to play one of their best games of hockey this season.

Game Notes

1. Derek Joslin will be playing the wing position on the fourth line. Joslin, who has been a healthy scratch for the last five games is being given a chance to get some ice time at the wing position on the fourth line due to Tuomo Ruutu's and Chad LaRose's injury. Also of note Joslin is getting the chance to play against the team that originally drafted him tonight. Expect a good game from Derek tonight.

2. Justin Peters will get his first NHL start in the net since January 7th as Muller is holding Cam Ward out due to a slight injury concern.

3. Jerome Samson and Drayson Bowman should get the nod tonight due to injuries unless Chad LaRose feels like he can play tonight. In that case one of Samson or Bowman will be a healthy scratch.

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really tired of the fine young males holding their hands in front of the camera. I was getting pissed at the end because I couldn't see. Good game. Canes got lucky tonight.

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I got to watch the game with a bunch of Sharks fans. Great win. Sloppy start to the 3rd, which allowed SJ back into it, but they picked up their intensity and pulled it out. And moved out of last place! :)

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    • Destiny really fuged me in terms of me playing other games. I have a week off this summer and maybe I will be able to dive back in, but I'd really like to finish Breath of the Wild too.  Witcher is so much fun, but iirc I'm kind of at a point where all my quests are a much higher level than me (like 30s and I'm a 15 or something). I probably need to back track and pick up a bunch of side quests that are manageable to boost my level some.    I like the Witcher's lore better than Skyrim, but I still think Skyrim is a more appealing game to me just because you can casually pick it up and start dominating. Witcher is more rewarding but takes more time. 
    • No way would I consider CAP a lock to make the roster. In fact, I think he may be on the outside looking in at the moment. But, the stats bear out that he was roughly equal to Stew in effectiveness last year. Stew averaged 3.78ypc and a TD once every 24 carries. CAP averaged 4ypc and a TD once every 18 carries. Hell, it may be generous saying that Stew was equal to CAP in effectiveness last year. I think a lot of Panthers fans suffer from nostalgia when looking at Stew. I still think he's a decent RB, but to hear some Panthers fans talk you'd think that the guy was a future HOFer. I feel like most of us (myself and the front office and coaching staff included) have perpetually overvalued Jonathan Stewart.
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