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Bobby Labonte back to Chevy?

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If it was earlier he could have gotten in a RCR car.

I couldn't believe he signed an extension last off season and didn't try for an RCR ride.

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sad that Petty Ent might be done.

I hope who ever Bobby ends up with will at least give him a chance to win some races.

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A client of mine who is good friends with Richard and the staff at PE just walked out of my office. Lots more layoffs occured yesterday there and there is not much more than a shell left. However a new driver for the 43 will be announced today or Friday and they plan to run a full schedule in 2009 with as many as 5 different co sponsors on the 43.

For the first time since 1949, a Petty will not be running a season in NASCAR. Kyle has left for good.

Also heard that many races next year will only field 36-38 cars just because not enough will be there to fill a field. However NASCAR will strictly enforce the minimum speed rules to make sure no "made in a back garage in the woods" car can get in just to run laps. And yeah, I know that is what made the sport great in the past.

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