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What are your top 3 concerns heading into this season?

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For me, my top three concerns are as follows:

1. Overall health of our injured players from last season (Edwards/Beason/Davis/Hogan/Otah etc.)

- We need these five to stay healthy and play at a high level if we want to make a push for the

playoffs this upcoming season. I am optimistic about Hogan, while cautiously optimistic about

Edwards & Beason and would be VERY pleasantly surprised if Davis and Otah could play out the


2. The Defensive Tackle position

- Lots of this rests solely on the veteran Edwards' shoulders and the improvement of our young

draft picks from the previous season. Do not count out the others either. This position is crucial

to our defenses' success, stopping the run, and allowing our Defensive Ends to have an impact

in the pass rush. Furthermore, the success of our DT's will allow our linebackers to play at the

highest level possible. Sure-up this position and our defense instantly gets to the middle of the

pack statistically by the end of the season.

3. Cam's ability to stay injury-free (knocks on wood*)

- Face it: If Cam goes down we are back to the bottom of the NFCS and likely on our way to

another top 10 draft pick. He is the MVP of this team and his health is astronomically important

if we are serious about making the playoffs and upsetting teams on your way to the Super Bowl.

I am just thankful this offensive line looks to have gotten better this off-season with the addition of

Amini, Pollack, and the progression of Bell if Otah cannot get the job done due to health reasons.

It's nice to have a QB that is 6'5 and 250lbs :D.

Runner Up: Cornerback #2

- Right now we need a solid second cornerback across from Gamble and I am confident the

camp competition between Munnerlyn, Hogan, and Norman will give us this second corner that

we can rely on when we need a stop on defense. Really like Hogan's physicality and despite

being raw and having a lot to learn, Norman looks extremely athletic and has a nose for the

rock and could be the starter by season's end. Captain is best suited for the Nickel or as a stud

on special teams.


Note: I chose not to add special teams to this list because I really liked how we addressed this problem this off-season by adding free agent's who have good resumes in this department and take pride in their abilities to be a force in the third aspect of the game. We have competition across the board at each position of need from last season and I suspect a big turn-around this season.


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Much shorter than yours, but:


2-Second Corner

3-Defensive Tackle

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1. Stay healthy-ish

2. Cam - can't have any kind of slump

3. #2 CB

I would put pass rush, but I feel we're going to be better there. CB, not so sure yet.

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