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Luke Kuechly: Your 2012 Training Camp MVP so far

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By the time the draft rolled around I didn't really care. There were a couple I didn't want, but no one guy really stood out.

i'm in the same boat.

last year it was all about cam. i didn't want anyone else after luck stayed in college.

this year there were several i would have been good with. i think they chose the right one. i said that i thought he was probably top 5 talent in this draft and that he was, imo, the second best defensive guy in this draft after claiborne. kuechly might be better than that, though.

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Wanted Cox, wanted Poe at one point, when we got "The Professor" I wasn't overly disappointed but I have to admit, for 24 hours I was skeptical. He was a "find", an anomaly, a lucky break, and most of us figured it out before the draft was over. He has done nothing but impress since then. He may well become the heart of a Super Bowl Champion D.

The Force is strong with this one.

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I remember back in January I posted this thread in the draft forum suggesting drafting Luke:

And the VAST majority of the folks who replied all said 'Dan Connor 2.0', 'can't cover', 'too slow', etc. It's very interesting to go back and look at that thread and see all the folks who were so dead set against Luke then that are on his jock now.

heh, oops indeed. But in the defense of those of us who made Connor comparisons, most of what was reported at that time did mention he was a bit too slow for OLB and said he was pretty much limited to MLB. Glad we, and those reports, are looking completely misinformed.

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