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Whispers of a New Financial System...

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pstall    5,759

wish i could say exactly. i just think all the financial chickens come home to roost for multiple places and there won't be any more band aids left.

i have said for a # of years similar to what Soros is saying. panic and fear and waves of irrational behavior make for bad times. but it wont be localized. when people feel boxed in they come out swinging and i think if things dont get fixed, thats exactly where we are heading.

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NanuqoftheNorth    7,921

When the Chinese economy starts to slow, their real estate market bubble will burst as ours did and national unemployment will rise. causing a negative effect on the entire global economy.

Assuming that somehow the EURO PIIGS stave off the inevitable until then, the global economic downturn should be enough to force several of those countries into national bankruptcy and potentially eliminate the Euro as viable currency.

Considering Greek economic uncertainty alone was enough to drive the NYSE down by hundreds of points, you can imagine what the above scenario would do to our economy.

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