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Ron Riveria can't coach..

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Guest Bwood

I said it last year..I'm saying it again this year....I hope I'm wrong but I fear I'm right. This guy can't coach a lick. He is always outcoached by everybody, including today, and we will never be a winning with him.

What's it like to post the shittiest thread in huddle history?

Not only that, but what's it like to only average 1 slice a pie for every 1 thousand post LOL. You must post a lot of bullshit.

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Losing to Tampa on opening day is simply unacceptable. Rivera was out coached. No adjustments took place at half time to relieve the pressure on Cam Newton. The running game was abandoned. Drives kept stalling against a sub par Tampa defense. Looks like the same BS I saw last year.

For those of you saying Fox's coaching style didn't get the Broncos where the were last year, you are dead wrong. The Broncos won the same way the Panther's won during their Superbowl run. Defense, running game and long ball drives. Now this year, Manning will end up running the offense for Fox via no huddle audibles, but what coach wouldn't want that?

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