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Panties looking down the barrel at an 1-3 start

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Amazing that an entire team rest on a QB. Matthew threw as much INTs as Cam and his team manage to pull off a win and no one is making much out of his bad day. Why is that?

IMO, you Panthers' fans need to stop looking for a savior and start demanding everyone on the team and not just your QB step up and play like a team.

A. You're quoting a Falcons fan, not a Panthers fan

B. As much as I hate to say it, Matt Ryan didn't throw any picks last week and had something like a 130 QB rating, so I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Go fug yourself Aint fan and crawl back into a dark alley in the poo hole of a city

Caddie is a Falcons Fan.

At least get that much right.

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Can someone explain to me why "wine and cheese" always seems to be the burn-de-jour when leveling smack at Panthers fans? Wine and cheese is awesome, for fug's sake.

Back in the early 90's when FSU came into the ACC, they played the Heels in the Dean Dome. Sam Cassell called the Blue Hairs in the front row a "wine and cheese crowd" because they didn't make any noise throughout the game. Unimaginative smack talkers who are too lazy to try and come up with anything else just fall back on Cassell's smack talk of UNC. Plus, they have never had wine and cheese so they don't really know that it tastes good. They prefer white lightning and pig dicks.

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I'm a fine young male and the Panthers are so much better than the Falcons. I really wish we didn't have that gay twat tennis player as our Quarterback and had a real manly awesome qb like Cam. We are just lucky to have 2 good recievers for our POS Qb to throw the ball to. Cam is God. I now realize that.

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