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McDermott and about 50% of Our PSL Owners SUCK

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Proudiddy    9,731

McDermott's an idiot and needs to get his crap together or be fired. I'm sick of knowing we'll be starting every game down by 7.

Nakamura is also quickly working his way to the s-list.

Additionally, any of you PSL owners who sold your tickets to Giants fans are pieces of sh*t. To have the stadium chant "Cruz" after he makes a catch and then cheer like it was the Meadowlands when Brown trucked Nakamura is disgusting.

Do all of us a favor and don't re-up again. You are garbage.

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FastNFurious    31

Gonna go ahead and say that Sean DOES NOT play defense.... he is a defensive coach. A wise man once told me that "coaches coach and players play... as far as the sorry 2-bit PSL sellouts, howz bout we ban them from all future games?

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mrford    289

What do you expect? Most PSL owners lost money for the last 2 years on games they couldn't attend, and tonight they are offered in some cases triple the money for their tickets? I blame you, for not buying their tickets. Now stop your bitching, you sound like a little girl. Grow a pair and get constructive or shut the fug up.

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