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Without Stewart!

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Stewart is what makes this offense work

He's the reason Cam and the rest of the guys can do what they do because he fits the offense perfectly. DWill plays much better when he's the change of pace back from Stewart. Stew helps kick the offense into gear and once it's going, the rest of the guys just fall in line and play well, but he's the catalyst.

How often last year and last week even do we start off slow with DWill in there, then Stew comes in kick starts the offense, and then everything flows smoothly no matter which RB is in there. His versatility and skill gets the defense on their heels and gives the rest of the offense confidence and then just ride that wave through the whole game.

This is nothing against DWill, he's just more of a natural RB than this read option style, but it works for him when he's subbed in as the offense is clicking and moving along, rather than being the guy to get it started.

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