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How would you handle Cam?

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Call it the Cam effect. Or the starting QB syndrome. Whatever you call it. Cam has a target on his back. Been there for the better part of five years. For the most part, he has handled himself admirerably. Some could say he has exceeded expectations.

Until now, after an embarrassing defeat. he is being vilified for his behavior. It almost appears as though there are folks lurking for just this opportunity. The oh my goddness, did you see that Cam Newton guy. He was sulking during an asswhoopin? Never saw anything like that before. Yahoos

The starting QB has a target on his back. They all have. They all will. Ours is no different. Just happened that a minor spat between teammates has gotten to this point. Fans being fans. And yet, they fap on us homerz. Sheesh.

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Leave it to a Bucs fan to cheer us up ;)

And only the retards are dogging Cam around here, the rest of us just don't feel like wading into the idiocy.

When Carolina took Cam Newton, I went and bought some additional Whiskey, to ease the pain.

Josh Freeman Bashing is the new Yuppie Sport where I live near Tampa, but he has sucked for several years now.

How quickly Carolina Fans forget what a great QB they have. I am not so sure Rivera and your GM are the final answer for you guys, but unless Cam Newton gets hurt real bad, you should have possibly the most dangerous QB in the NFL, for many years.

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