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Post you're reaction to the Long Bomb to White.

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Don't blame one guy. Blame the entire defensive staff and team for not figuring out that this play was even coming.

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    • <3 you bro lol interestingly enough, i agree with you at face value on everything you said right here. hmm... organizer or not, the only speaker at either event was Yiannoploulos or Coulter. those two were the only ones putting a message out there. so i challenge you to present one shred of evidence that either of them advocated violence, white supremacy, or even Nazism. while we are on the topic, you might want to educate yourself. Nazism is a leftist ideology. Democratic Socialists and all..... so with that being said, ANTIFA is a whole lot closer to the SS than either of the speakers at Berkeley, or the patriots who defended the campus from your terrorist thugs that decided to destroy chit, light fires, and beat people up.
    • When Stewart has been healthy the Panthers are very hard to beat
    • Are you sure though?  I mean, someone might change someone's mind here.