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Keys to Victory - Seahawks at Panthers

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Montsta    15,185

i got this little suspicion that at the last moment flynn will get the ok to start....or if things aren't going their way that wilson will get pulled and flynn will step in.

i'm not really crazy about that at all but we really don't have a good record against backup or replacement QBs.

Tony Romo has been riding the coat tails of his first start against us for years and dude is poo. If Flynn starts, he'll go for 340 yards 3 TD's and be shitty for four years til he plays us again.

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Marguide    3,304

cam makes the wildcat completely unnecessary.

we have never been good at it. i really don't understand why now we insist on running it.

You know, I watched us run it last year and always thought to myself, wtf? What's the point? Everybody in the stadium knows that DWill is going to run straight ahead, so why do it?

But amazingly, he always seemed to pick up 4 to 5 yards. Not sure what the stats are for this year, but if similar, it makes for a good 1st down play, keeping a manageable 2nd and 3rd down.

Again, I don't like it, and don't understand why it has been modestly successful, but there you have it.

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Lumps    1,644

meh must win

not in my book, not in the fans book

a win here is nice but who cares really? the panther have really sent me into a state of fan depression. All a win will sho here is that we are able to beat a few lower ranking teams just like last year. Can't beat the Giants or Falcons or even Bucs, just (barely) a saints team everyone else seems to beat too.

A seahawk win? meh. not going to make me happy really the Panthers need to beat a team worth a poo for me to give a poo anymore. It's not that I want to be this way, I've been molded from years' past.

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Achilles    122

from rotoworld...

some of you have way too much faith in stopping a guy who's only goal is to not be stopped.

Dude breaks tackles on nearly every run. His only weakness is that he isn't the fastest flat out runner. Based on the matchup, Lynch looks like a nightmare for this defense. However, he could still rack up 150+ yards and 2 TDs and it might not be enough for Seattle to win. they are a 1 dimensional offense at this point in the season. As long as we don't let Wilson beat us over the top or with his feet, we will be in it to the wire.

My biggest concern is Cam playing mistake free. We don't need Seattle to get points out of the defense. That could be the nail in the coffin for us. Otherwise, if we can hold them under 20 points, I like our chances regardless of the field day that Lynch is likely to have.

it is absolutely true that we have to pounce early and often and build a 2 possession lead and Lynch will become less of a factor.

He is going to torch our DBs if he gets into a 1 on 1 situation.

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