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ProFootballFocus: Secret Superstars for Week 4

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We traded for that pick to get him.

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Say huh? What does Adams have to do with anything?

We picked Frank with the 103rd pick, which we got in the trade. We picked Joe with our original pick, which was 104th pick.

We made the trade because we wanted both Frank and Joe, not because we wanted Frank, because if that was the case we could've had Frank with the 104th pick. The 49ers was not projected to pick Frank at all with that pick.

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    • I also want to take this space of internet to announce that I'm still so fuging happy we got Monk. 
    • Not really a fan of MCW. Not even sure if he is better than Sessions tbh. I don't think Teague will want to be a backup much less take the MLE, but who knows- might not be a market for him. Livingston would be incredible but don't think we have the money and why would he leave Golden State unless they don't offer him anything.  Here's someone that's not a free agent, but I would not mind us taking a shot on: Dante Exum. With the Jazz trading up to get Donovan Mitchell Exum looks to be ousted as the PG of the future there. He's had his struggles but he's extremely talented and has never really had a great mentor like Kemba would be.  I'd give them Sessions (lol), Jeremy Lamb plus a couple second rounders. Would not give up any of our core: Batum, MKG, Cody, Kemba, Dwight, etc. Wonder if they would bite on that? It's crazy that second rounders really do become valuable. If we had an extra second we could have had Mason + Bacon likely.  Part of me wonders whether or not we will try to have Monk run some backup PG. That would be a mistake IMO. He needs to be running off screens all day.
    • I wrote to both Tillis and Burr - the thing that pisses me off the most about this is that the savings that this bill creates in the budget are not used for deficit reduction - they are nothing but a hand out to the wealthiest among us and corporations in the guise of creating a more robust economy.  These heartless lying  bastards make me sick.