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This season is over. Going forward.....

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It pains me to say it but this season is over. Had so much anticipation for this year and to have it completely go down the drawn in week 5 is almost to much to stomach. Thank God I have Tar Heel football to look forward to, with an actual competent coaching staff.

I am not sure what to think about Cam. His performance this year has me really doubting his/our future together. At the end of the day though we used a number 1 pick on him so I am inclined to give him 4 years starting to see if he will "get it" and turn the corner.

I have zero faith in the coaching staff. Chud showed promise last year but he just calls so many boneheaded WTF plays it is ridiculous. Ginger is actually showing improvement this year. Rivera is the biggest DUD on the sideline I have ever seen. A head coach has got to show more emotion and be into the game. He has to light a fire under everyones ass and motivate the players. We should be having issues with tackling and penalties.

If we dont win atleast 6 games this year, we need to clean house.

Another huge issue is Beason. Dude has played like straight poo and he has such a big contract that I am not sure we can do or get anything out of him. Hope he can turn it around next year so we can trade him. I want Luke at MLB.

Now, looking at the draft torn on whether to draft a QB as insurance or go DL or S.

This sucks.....

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you know the team sucks when people are saying "Thank God I have Tar Heel football to look forward to'

Just dropped about 50 on a Bud Forster defense. I see UNC winning out. Offense is just to sick with Gio, Renner, Ebron, and Davis.

If they were sucking like the Panthers also Id be on suicide watch... lol

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