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Division 3 Footballs Finest

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If you have not seen this movie.. it will bring you to tears with laughter

those who have netflix it's on there. Those who don't and wanna see it PM me and i'll give you a website where you can.

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    • Those generally aren't set until August or so. No way of really telling the games that will be worth being nationally televised beyond the basic rivalries that are big draws anyway (Pens vs Caps, for example) until after all the roster moves get settled and coverage of practices and preseason games start giving everybody an idea of where teams are talent wise. I expect us to get at least a few NBC games, because our division has too many big draws for us to get completely shut out of national games.
    • By the by, Einstein, Brexit alone caused 338m in debt for Manchester United. A 27.5% increase in one fiscal quarter. See, if you can muster enough brain cells, you'd know the weakened pound plays a factor. No billionaire is gonna change the economy. So your insane theory about EPL money being a game changer for attracting all the elite stars and prospects fails... tremendously. Especially since the top producer in your league is fugged 2-3 years from now.  You better hope Brexit doesn't collapse either. Your precious billionaires would press that escape button ASAP leaving the EPL in horrible shape even with the TV money.  Those 'broke ass' Real and Barca fans won't have to worry about that. :)  
    •     Very white culture music.   Does @Bronn still have a small mancrush on Casey Abrams? (I still lowkey have a crush on Haley Reinhardt.)