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80 Million on RB's

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First this is not a thread to bitch, this is my opinion based on facts of whats wrong with our offense, I have read post after post during the bye week, of whats wrong and why its wrong. Its Hurney, Rivera, JR, etc. The real problem is so simple its stupid.

We have 80 million dollars ( something like that exact number is insignificant ) invested in our RB's and our leading rusher is our QB...

Our Quarterback lol

Marty Hurney really couldnt figure out that we needed a WR2 to open up things for Smith, or too pull the Safety out of the box so they cant even spy Cam if they wanted too ( according to Rivera teams are dropping down a Safety to spy Cam this year)...Instead he drops money on another RB?! Dont even ask why our offense looks horrible, you already know..

Cam : 40 carries / 209 yards

Deangelo: 48 carries / 173 yards

Stewart: 25 carries / 107 yards

Tolbert: 11 carries / 26 yards

Im not going to start rattling off names but there are a few teams that have a single rusher who has eclipsed all 4 our guys combined. If i take OUR QB off the above list, you dont even want to see how our RB trio compares. Its ugly. And thats with MILLIONS tied up in the position..

So again,you tell me if a receipe for success in the NFL is:

A. To have your QB be your leading rusher

B. Spend a tremenendous amount of money on a position in decline

C. To Spend a ton on the RB position and still have your QB be your leading rusher lol

From the outside looking in, other teams are laughing at how the Panthers manage the cap.

The Solution:

Now im sure most of you see the problem, and there must be a solution to the problem, and their is. Deangelo must either be traded or released now or at the end of the year. The time of splitting carries with two workhorse running backs passed when we got a QB who can actually make plays ( both with his arm and his feet ) There just isnt enough balls to go around for 2 RB's ( or 3 if you include Tolbert ) You keep a low cost backup with some upside and you go to war. We actually had two guys who looked decent this preseason. Secondly, you MUST add a receiver for Cam to grow with. Smith is on his last legs, and may be gone after next year. This is critical. Whether its the draft or FA ( Mike Wallace ) thats for our GM to decide. But there is no doubt we need someone else for defenses to respect that will keep the safetys away from Cam and away from Smith while hes still here.

The faster Marty Hurney is gone, the better this franchise will be.. We need someone with a fresh evaluation of our players, not someobody who has blind faith on his own draft picks.

The defense has its own mess ( a big one ), but thats for another thread.

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this is not just beating a dead horse......this horse is nothing but a rotting carcass that died 12 months ago.

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Hold on guys. This is out of the box thinking! It's at least as important as that Bill Cowher thread and the 5 threads asking what we would do if we were the GM.

I say we need to give out a Huddle award for the most innovative thread of the day. This one gets my vote.

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What if we used them properly like we did last year?

Last year they combined for 1625 yards and 11 rushing TD's.

This year they are on pace for 896 yards and 6 rushing TD's.

Last year we had a top 5 offense, this year we have a bottom 3.

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Oh look Damnit I'm too late

It's fine - just go ahead and say it. That reply builds in magnitude the more it's given.

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