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rest of the season

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So I was looking at the threads again watching and thinking and had a few thoughts I wanted your take on.

1 JR has hated to release control of the team- its why cowher didnt work the first time but is he reconsidering? His health isnt great and the team is in shambles. Hurney is gone so the loyalty thing is not an issue anymore and Riveria now has full control over the team with the ocs and dcs and him all on a VERY hot seat. The longer we go in this season the more likely that a full control coach/gm becomes. Think about it - otherwise there is no reason not to get the gm in asap so he can start looking at what he wants to do and planning for the offseason.

2 The Players - it is kinda shocking how much loyalty we are seeing to hurney and it speaks to how badly this staff has done. Think about how we keep seeing it said in these tweets. "hurney is not the reason we are losing" Ok...............So what is and why arent you fixing it? Response - players cant tell coaches what to do so nothing will change until the coaches change.

3 Chud cant admit he is wrong. He had a bye week to reveiw and they didnt change anything and dwill had 2 carries.......... double trouble is dead.

4 Beg phillyb to give us a bartenders list of items for our games so we can have something to watch for the rest of the season

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