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Name the 10 players that would hurt us the most if not on the team next year.

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because I am bored at work and the huddle is my main source of fighting the boredom. Figured I would try and spark a unique conversation on here.

But if you prefer we can talk about how racist the media is or talk about how everyone on the planet knows the read option is killing us or the 80 million dollar backfield we have or cowher or cams attitude or Riveras emotionless demeanor or you get the point or what a cheapskate Richardson is.

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I'll bite.








Nope, couldn't do it. Can only get these 7. However, guys that I think will become part of the new core are Keek, Alexander, and Norman on defense, and Silatolu, Cam, Kalil, Olsen, Stew and Bell on O. Smith and Gross are on the list above because I think we still need them next year, but beyond that, not so much.

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I'm going to try so, so hard to make it to ten.

  1. Gross
  2. Kalil
  3. Cam
  4. Bell
  5. Kuechly
  6. Alexander
  7. Olsen
  8. Stewart
  9. Tolbert
  10. C. Johnson(even though he needs a better attitude and to get rid of all social media)

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As far as I'm concerned, the following players have a spot on this team next year:

QB: Cam

Receivers: Smth, LaFell, Adams, Olsen

Running Backers: Stewart, Tolbert, Poole

OLine: Gross (good leader/teacher), Campbell, Bell, Silatolu, Hangartner, Kalil

Dline: Alexander, Hardy, Keisier, Dwan Edwards, Ron Edwards (both Edwards are good for depth, should not start full time)

LB: Kuechly, Beason (only if restructured contract), Davis, Anderon,

DB: Gamble, Norman. I'd be fine keeping Nakamura as a backup safety.

ST: Medlock, Nortman, Jansen

Sooooo....we need backup quarterbacks, depth at TE and FB, at least one good WR, a decent OT and OG, 1-2 good DTs, at least 1 good DE, 1 good CB, 1 good FS - - and some options on the return game. I'm fine keeping Johnson if we can restructure his deal but Dwill and big money are better to us on other teams. Rather have picks.

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