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Herbert The Love Bug

A Cam Thread

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First off I'd like to say, it wasn't a fluke that this guy broke so many records his rookie season. He has all the talent and abilities in the world. That didn't just magically appear for one season. He is struggling a little right now but there are so many factors as to why. He isn't struggling as much as some people want to make it out though. Maybe it is a sophmore slump and he has to adjust to defenses adjusting to him. But that one falls on the coaches. Poor play calling has a major role obviously. So has a very below average Oline and players not making plays when given opportunities.

I think we will have to surround Cam with the right players and coaches smartly to be able to get the most out of him.

The thing that is making me so upset though, is some of you buying into what the media is feeding you about Cam. I can understand other team's fans buying it but my fellow Panther's fans should not. Sure he has to do some maturing. He is a young kid that doesn't have much experience playing major football and the maturation and leadership will come in time. But it's not as bad as they want to make you think. By everything I've heard, he is a great teammate during the week and in the lockerr room. He is one of the hardest working guys on the team and he is great in the community. He just needs to learn to not get down on himself after mistakes and to move on. I think we are starting to see him start doing that.

All I know that if it weren't for Cam most of these close we have had would more than likely be blowouts. He is keeping us in games. It comes down to coaches and other players stepping up when they have to.

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Guest shitposting

Just imagine if we DIDN'T have Cam this last year and half... the entire Huddle would be on suicide watch by now.

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Cam is not THE problem. He is just a mediocre second year quarterback. You can't pin everything on him.

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Oh okay lol

Good laugh it off you little bitch behind your keyboard. Your life must be great to make account after account to troll a 1-6 team.

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