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Happy Panther

For whom did you vote?


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  1. 1. Your vote for president...

    • Obama
    • Romney
    • Johnson
    • Other
    • Didn't vote for Pres

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Thats personal.. I will however say that I fully support the Redskins Rule....

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Johnson. Like him or not, the guy has a proven track record of doing what he says he means to, and for being fiscally responsible, lowering taxes, and making reforms that actually work and are accepted well. I also agree with his views on drugs, the military, foreign policy, education, and more. The only thing I'm a little hesitant about is the gun rights thing, but I agree with the viewpoint behind it in that we have a Constitution and Amendments for a reason.

Mitt's a flip-flopper that seems to promise the world to whomever listens and will vote for him. Obama wants to spend us into the ground and grow the government even bigger than the monstrosity it is now. I can't even imagine someone voting for one of those two with a clear conscience. Mitt wants so much control of your personal life, I think he'd want to bag your spouse. Obama has increased spending and borrowing to the tune of 43 cents per dollar printed, which is insane.

I want my kid to have a USA in the future... so I voted my conscience. Wish more folks would too.

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