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89 million dollar backfield - update

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DW 2011 9 Games

83 Carries

398 Yards

4.8 Avg

DW 2012 9 Games

73 Carries

253 Yards

3.5 Avg

JS 2011 9 Games

75 carries

350 Yards

4.6 Avg

JS 2012 9 Games

70 carries

266 Yards

3.8 avg

CAM 2011 Passing 9 Games

2605 yards

327 Atts

Avg 7.96

11 TD

10 INT

CAM 2012 Passing 9 Games

2143 Yards

271 Atts

7.90 Avg

8 TD

10 INT

Now the numbers are not far off with regards to carries, but the average yards per carry is down by almost a yard per carry and Cams numbers are not much lower than last season at 9 games. just .06 yards less per pass. Now what does this say rom a coaches view,

The line is not the same, as last season. Lack of run blocking and pass blocking is killing the Offnse to some extent. But there is also an issue with polay calling to boot. If you have a week Oline, you cannot call passing plays that are down field passes. Your line is not holding up long enough for the plays to develop. They need shorter routes and quick passes and they need to work on run blocking.

we saw this Sunday against the Broncos. 7 sacks were due to poor pass protection as well as Wr's not getting opened. If they ran the ball a little more early on and had shorter passing routes, the game may have been different. How do you stop a strong pass rush. Get the damn ball out of the QB's hands faster. The run game looked ok in the first QTR but they seemed to drop it before the 2nd QTR was over..

Poor Offensive Coaching is what we have right now. He is not changing with the game as needed if his game plan in not working. Defense is playing better and good enough to win. Only gave up 13 points unitl the last couple of minutes in the 4th QTR, which to me was a BS TD.

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