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Fire RR poll...


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  1. 1. Fire ron rivera

    • yes
    • no
    • give him to the end of the season

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Bronn    4,393

Forgive them... years of mediocrity and having John Fox and Jake Delhomme in the organization has diluted people's ability to gauge talent...

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Marguide    3,357

I have more problem with the play of my QB than any problems with my HC.

Yeah, because with our stellar run game and our powerful o-line, there is no reason for Cam to play so poorly.

For the mentally challenged, yes, that was sarcasm.

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Brooklyn Bully    2,014

It'd serve no purpose to fire him now, as the new GM will want their own coach. BUT it serves no purpose to keep him around as he's useless. I say fire him, and let an interim coach handle things until January. Bring in a new GM and hire a new coach.

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Panths    76

Fire him now.

And here's why: This situation is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knows he's probably gone, his devotion to this team beyond 7 weeks from now is fickle at best. Firing Hurney put Rivera in panic mode because chances are a new GM will want a new HC.

Rivera seems to be a baby steps, 'everything in good time' type character stuck in a 'produce now or else' scenario. Now he's just treading water trying his damnedest to keep afloat and that never leads to the most rational decision making. Just put him out of his misery and let's have someone else take over.

The best way to find out what the issue is is to isolate the problem. If Rivera truly will be gone after this season, then get someone else to replace him now. If you see a shift toward the better after that, you've found the issue. If we still suck, maybe you realize it's the team that needs blowing up (or the interim coach is equally inept, in that case I've got nothing. But I'm inclined to think we have the talent, it's the coaching that's the issue.)

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